The Society of Agreement

We aim at a just, sustainable and happy society which we call the Society of Agreement, whereby we mean the agreement among humans, and that of humans with themselves and with their environment. We want the Society of Agreement to be a reality in 2050 or before.

The Society of Agreement is based upon 3 mutually-supporting pillars:

  1. pan-European democracy, in all public institutions and private organisations;

  2. social justice and confidence in the future for all;

  3. environmental sustainability, specifically: Greenhouse Gases emissions below net-zero.

In the Society of Agreement, everyone enjoys his/her fundamental human, social and economic rights, lives from his/her work, in decent living conditions compatible with the finite resources of our planet, and is confident in his/her future and in that of his/her children, for the generations of today and those of the future. In this society, every citizen participates in a democratic policy- and decision-making at the scale large enough to have an impact, that of the European Union, and in all public institutions and private organisations. The Society of Agreement is comprehensively described in our public mind-map.