Executive Summary of the Manifesto


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We stand for social justice and environmental sustainability.

We pioneer trans-national democracy at the scale of the European Union:

  • in our internal structure and operations

  • as a political objective for the institutions of the European Union.

The CosmoPolitical Party stands for social justice and environmental sustainability

We aim at a society where everyone enjoys his/her fundamental human, social and economic rights, decent living conditions compatible with the finite resources of our planet, and confidence in his/her future and in that of his/her children, for the generations of today and those of the future.

"Social justice" for us means equality among all humans in accessing these fundamental rights, decent living conditions and confidence in the future. It does not appear spontaneously. It must be supported by dedicated institutions. We understand "environmental sustainability" as making sure that the social justice we call for, the economy, and human civilisation as a whole, develop within the biological, physical and geological limits of our planet.

We believe that social justice and environmental sustainability are intimately inter-linked: they are a matter of intra- and inter-generational justice in the access to the finite natural and man-made resources that support human civilisation. Reciprocally, non-sustainable societies collapse in wars for bare survival; societies plagued with inequalities and precariousness are laden with conflicts and divisions, short-termism and ostentatious consumption, opposite to the deep political agreements, long-term vision and frugality that sustainability requires.

The CosmoPolitical Party pioneers trans-national democracy at the scale of the European Union

We are a political party

Our ambition is to transform the world for the better, by exerting responsibilities in parliaments and governments. We propose radical reforms and credible alternatives to the current world order, in an approach based on identifying issues and designing solutions.

We take trans-national internal democracy seriously

Rigorous procedures and first-in-class on-line democracy software ensure that all members, wherever they are located, have an equal right to participate in decision-making: (1) in the initiative, amendment and ranking in priority order of strategic decisions (political programme, selection of candidates in official elections, internal governance bodies); (2) in the control of elected officials. Decisions are taken on-line and in non-real time, to ensure geographic and social equality.

We support trans-national democracy as the only means to overcome the global challenges of the 21st century

We identify six global challenges of the 21st century: (1) the consumption of resources beyond the regenerating capacities of our environment and of our climate, (2) the explosion in the number of elderly and chronically-ill people, (3) the efficiency gains and social inequalities brought by technology (specifically: by digital technology), (4) the concentration of power in the hands of multi-national corporations, (5) the deterioration of the political rights of the poor and of those living in precariousness, and, as a consequence of the above, (6) a rising wave of mass migrations. These challenges require political agreements on the sharing of costs, benefits and risks, at a scale beyond that of the nation-state. These agreements are painfully reached, if at all, in opaque and unaccountable inter-governmental negotiations. Feeling grows that the world is governed by a global, selfish oligarchy.

Our societies are tempted by the regression towards a nationalistic control over their collective future. We embody the positive alternative: trans-national democracy, a democracy uniting citizens, and taking action, beyond national boundaries. We operate at the scale of the institution most supportive of this transition towards trans-national democracy: the European Union.

We pioneer the transformation of the European Union into a deeply integrated trans-national democracy

We define ourselves primarily as citizens of the European Union. What unites us, the perception of the global challenges outlined above, and the belief that only trans-national democracy can overcome them, is stronger than what may divide us.

We operate directly at the scale of the European Union, with no intermediate structure. We aim at being the forerunners in transforming the European Union into a trans-national democracy, in which all citizens, whatever their national, cultural or social origin, participate in decision-making, and where the member states are deeply integrated into a powerful federation.

Download this Executive Summary (PDF format, 2 pages A4)