Manifesto of the CosmoPolitical Party

We create the CosmoPolitical Party. A political party standing for social justice and environmental sustainability. A party acting at the scale of the European Union, beyond national, cultural and social boundaries. A democratic party, where rigorous procedures and dedicated software ensure that the voice of each and every member contributes to the collective decision. A party where decisions are taken fully on-line, to ensure geographic and social equality.

What are our political goals? Why do we create this political party? How will we operate? Each of these questions is answered in greater detail below.

Executive Summary

The CosmoPolitical Party designs and implements policies for social justice and environmental sustainability, in the EU and beyond

The global issues of the 21st century require political agreements at large scale, beyond that of the nation-state

We create the CosmoPolitical Party to support the transition to a democracy transcending national boundaries

The CosmoPolitical Party operates in full democracy, fully on-line