I have no competence or experience in social change or policy-making. How can I contribute valuably to the work of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative?

The CosmoPolitical Cooperative proposes actions at all scales:

  • Cooperators can unite their efforts to perform a local, but reproducible, improvement to the current social and economic order, in the direction of the Society of Agreement, such as training on low-meat diets, educational support of disadvantaged children, or the set-up of a social theatre play, which we call a Transformational Action;
  • the Cooperative itself can create the prototype of an innovative, economically self-sustaining activity supporting the transition to the Society of Agreement, such as a sustainable and just garment manufacturing company, which we call a Social Entrepreneurship Activity;
  • the Cooperative can design and adopt democratically public policies that change the legislation, regulation or public budgets in the direction of the Society of Agreement, and implement these policies by being elected to positions of responsibility in public bodies at all scale, from the municipality to the whole European Union.

Thereby, we propose a continuous range of actions, from the very local, small-scale action with fast effects to the macroscopic action with long-term consequences.

This range of actions is based upon the intuition that a very large fraction of the European population has the educational level and the competence to participate in the definition of public policies. The CosmoPolitical Cooperative also provides the tools to support this capacity.

Professionals in any area of activity have collected information and knowledge about their field of work, which can be used to feed policy-making, in either of the following activities, in ascending order of difficulty:

  1. the detection of problems and issues, which could deserve being treated by public policy

  2. the review of existing policies attempting to address the issue or problem, and of the reasons for their difficulty in solving it

  3. the identification of the root causes of the issue or problem

  4. the design of innovative policy solutions that could be implemented to solve the issue or problem.

In addition, constructive criticism is always welcome. It is only when an idea has withstood a broad range of valid critics that it can claim to be robust enough to be broadly supported.

The rigorous structure of the Public Policy Proposals produced by the CosmoPolitical Cooperative is designed to support this methodic approach to policy design, and to provide space for the contribution of all participants. It also helps members to gain in competence in the field of policy-making.

Reciprocally, all members should remember that most policy-makers act on issues and topics of which they have no direct experience whatsoever. This direct experience of issues – and of potential solutions – is precisely what a broadly-based political cooperative can bring to policy-making.