What is a liveable and desirable society for the years 2050 and beyond?

The definition of this liveable and desirable society of the future is deliberately fully open. It is up to the Members of the CosmoPolitical Party to define, in a permanent and fully democratic process, the liveable and desirable society of the years 2050 and beyond, which will be the outcome of our 30-40-50 Roadmap. The precise features of this liveable and desirable society will result from the coherent build-up of policies adopted along the democratic life of the CosmoPolitical Party. It would thus not be appropriate, at this early stage of our development, to define this society. It would restrict the scope, or pre-define the direction, of policies to be democratically initiated, amended, and ranked in priority order by our Members.

However, we choose to present hereby some visions of what such a society could be, as sources of potential inspiration for our Members' work and discussions, and also to illustrate that such a liveable and desirable society, being (1) environmentally sustainable, (2) socially just and (3) fully democratic, is possible.

  • Building a Sustainable and Desirable Economy-in-Society-in-Nature, described in a report to the United Nations by R. Costanza et al., 2012: a coherent framework aiming at "Sustainable Well-Being" and based on the preservation of 4 sorts of capital: (1) natural, (2) social and cultural, (3) human and (4) built.
  • the concept of Symbiotic Economy, proposed by I.Delannoy: "a regenerative economy that can reconcile intense human activity, flourishing natural ecosystems and economic prosperity, by bringing into synergy sustainable solutions from all fields"
  • the "Society of Agreement", proposed by one of our founding members, S.Arbarviro, describing, in a comprehensive and coherent mind-map (what is a mind-map?) covering all society, how to achieve agreement among humans and agreement with ourselves and our environment, so as to sustain human civilisation indefinitely.